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Apulia is a region that offers its visitors the opportunity to discover the rich culinary tradition. The products of Apulia from both the sea and the land are the protagonists of the local recipes. But you know our products? Here are some examples! Famous and tasty are our cheeses: ‘Canestrato’ of Apulia, ‘Caciocavallo Podolico’, and what about the ‘Burratine’ and ‘Stracciatella’. Then are the delicious meats such as bacon and tense ‘Capocollo of Martina Franca’ very well accompanied by a glass of excellent red wine of Salento, such as a Negroamaro. And yet, to be counted in the delicacies of our land there are: the friselle with tomato, oregano and extra virgin olive oil, and the Apulian focaccia, which can simply be white with rosemary, red tomato, or stuffed with onions. But we have not finished … we’re just at the antispasti!

Typical Apulian top recipes include among the first dishes: orecchiette with turnip tops, pasta strascinati with strong cheese and cavatelli with mussels of the Adriatic sea…but we do not just forget ‘taiedda’ rice, potatoes and mussels and the octopus pot. These are all specialties of Apulia born by the skill of the habitants of our land. The extra virgin olive oil is, then, our symbol. From the fruit of the Apulian olive trees it was born a prized known worldwide oil and is the one who brings out the flavors of our dishes. Among the best known wines are the Negroamaro and Primitivo wines that crown all our food and enhance them in taste.

All these and other delicacies you can taste them in the restaurant of our farm ‘Il Gelsomino’. Book a dinner at 0831 555762 or send an e-mail to:

Open daily from 20.00 to 22.00


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