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A Short Guide of how to organize a perfect intimate Wedding in Puglia, wedding in Italy:

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A Short Guide of how to organize a perfect intimate Wedding in Apulia, wedding in Italy:
for small and intimate wedding

Apulia region is surely well known to be on Adriatic seaside so many us think that Apulia is a seaside wedding destination. This is not completely true!

Apulia has a magnificent countryside named Salento between two seas, Adriatic and Jonio one. If you are looking for a real traditional country wedding in Italy Salento Countryside could be a great choice. You will find there authentic Italy, a perfect blend of delicious food, amazing wines, bucolic wedding venues and country chic details.

There are many kind of wedding ,some couple choose a luxury wedding, other choose to get married on the other size of the planet, other like to invite many guests, and someone prefers a small and intimate celebration just only with their witness and relatives.

It is a pleasure for us to share with the Bride and Groom the arrangement for a small intimate wedding and sharing the most wonderful moments of your wedding day in Apulia.

They can live a unique experience in Apulia, and a wedding day in a perfect romantic style just for you.

The garden, the Carrubi trees or the Olive trees, the swimming pool will be the setting of you wedding dinner.
symbolic ceremony : the speaker will officiate your wedding and he will chat about your love story.

The best romantic moments of the wedding day will be captured by the photographer and by the film maker to remember the best day of your life.

Planning an intimate wedding in Apulia for a small number of guests means sit together at the same table, without being divided into groups so the area becomes smaller and cosier, which makes dialogues between guests warmer and friendlier.

How can set up the wedding table? Here some suggestions:

A long table decorated with a long uninterrupted line of flowers in the middle, several long candles, small decorative objects. A waiter can serve dishes and help with drinks.

Another option is a buffet dinner with a private waiter, assisting with drinks and creating a lovely atmosphere of a chic evening. There can be several small tables with different types of snack: aperitif, cold cuts, dessert, soft drinks. This is not only delicious, but also looks beautiful.

You can reserve all the Villa, the garden and the Carrubi trees or Olive trees will be the scenography for your wedding dinner, the table will be adorned with seasonal flowers, the speaker will officiate your wedding and will chat about your love story

Rent your venue for an exclusive wedding in Apulia.


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Wedding country style a new way to get married in Salento, south of Italy.

COUNTRY WEDDING in Puglia to regain the freedom to dance barefoot on the lawn of the garden, where can enjoy the taste of simplicity, and feel the pleasure of the nature.

Getting married in the country is like to choose a very rustic chic type of wedding.
Bide and Groom when planning their
country wedding in Salento try to find a location that speaks to what type of wedding they would like to have.

Bride and Groom who wants get married in Italy and realize their dream of love, more and more frequently choose the location in perfect harmony with the nature. They usually search villas, Masseria close to the sea or hamlet surrounded by the nature, sunflowers, olive groves, cornfield and so on.

When a couple decides to get married in a country style they usually search the venue where there is a simple atmosphere , a mix of simplicity and romanticism that give the possibility to arrange a perfect country style wedding, suitable for all those who respect and love nature.

What are the characteristic of the wedding country style?

It has to be not too rustic and not too elegant, the colours of the set up have to be pastel and natural as pink, jellow, white, peach … these are the colours that represent nature , the fundamental element of the wedding.

How a country wedding should be?

First of all The Bride usually choose a very simple wedding dress, a flower in the hair and a simple bouquet with country flowers. If you love the Salento and if you choose our Masseria to get married we suggest a flower decoration with our olive branches because they represent our nature.
Also the
Bouquet bride can be a mix of wildflowers and olive branches.

For this kind of wedding, the set up shoulden’t have elegant and expensive flowers but daisies, sunflowers, lemons, apples…. The present for guests should be, for example, a small bottle of olive oil from the Salento, a book with typical recipes written by hands form our land.

Also the wedding dinner will be more simple and prepared with a typical menu of Salento.

Masseria Baroni Nuovi is an ideal location to arrange a wedding country style in Salento, Puglia

Make your dream come true, choose the Masseria Baroni Nuovi as you wedding venue in Puglia.

Puglia,Wedding venue and Villa in Puglia.

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Are you planning to get married in Italy? At Masseria Baroni Nuovi you can!

If you are planning a little trip to Italy you can come tour the venue, book your wedding date, meet with our wedding planner, taste our typical dishes, come to rehearsal,book the rooms of the Masseria for your guests or reserve the whole masseria exclusively and arrive on wedding day as a guest of honor!

We work one-on-one with you from beginning to endcreating your personalized dream destination wedding.

If you live out of state/town an you are not planning a trip here , we can “meet” via video chat for smaller meetings and discuss about your destination wedding!

foto tavolo matrimonio

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“La Pizzica” At Masseria Baroni Nuovi

Typical ballet dancing known and appreciated all over the world, the Pizzica from Puglia with dancers and drummers is one of the most sought after moments of foreign spouses who choose Puglia and the Masseria Baroni Nuovi  as a place for marriage.
The pinch belongs to that kind of traditional dances in southern Italy that are usually referred to as “tarantelle”. Their origins are always very ancient and often linked to the worship of the god Dionysus, formerly highly revered in southern Italy and especially in the peninsula of Salento.


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Soft colors, floral motifs, lace and lace, all enclosed in a romantic, intimate, almost retro look: this is in summary the shabby chic wedding, of great tendency at this time. Together with country chic, the shabby style is one of the most popular in recent years, and more and more wives decide to celebrate their marriage by following this line. But what is really the shabby chic? The word shabby comes from the worn-out English, scratched, specifically born in the furniture sector and refers to the recovery and restoration of old objects that end up with a new, modern, chic. Carried in weddings, the shabby chic style identifies a romantic, vintage theme, where every detail is carefully cared for and nothing is left to chance.


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