5 Typical Apulian dishes you have to taste in the restaurant of Masseria Baroni Nuovi

5 Typical Apulian dishes you have to taste in the restaurant of Masseria Baroni Nuovi

Apulian gastronomy is characterized by particular attention to raw materials, fruits, seasonal ingredients and authentic flavors and is one of the Italian excellence cuisine. In this article we want to write down our list of Apulian cuisine to try at least once in a lifetime here at the Masseria for dinner after a nice relaxing afternoon in our suite with jacuzzi. Of course served with our primitive wine “Hippios” or negroamaro “Rustem”.


Focaccia. It is made from a low dough, soft in the center and crispy on the edges, covered with tomatoes, oregano and some olives. Then of course there are those who prefer it scorched on the edges and those who love it higher; those who put a lot of tomato in it and those who eat it a little whiter: there are many combinations, but the authenticity of this delicacy is unmistakable everywhere!

2.  Orecchiette with turnip greens. They are perhaps the most famous dish of Apulian cuisine, made by cooking orecchiette and turnip greens together in boiling water and flavoring everything with extra virgin olive oil, perhaps spicy!

3. Brasciole. They are beef or pork rolls, ham, scamorza, salt and parsley. You can blend them in a pan with white wine, cook stewed with broth or dip in a tomato sauce.

4. Mashed beans and chicory. It was considered a “poor” dish as it included the combination of boiled wild vegetables and a puree of dried broad beans. But from a poor dish it has certainly become a typical Apulian dish of great prominence for its authentic and genuine flavor of the past.

5. Last but not least, let’s talk about a much loved dessert: the pasticciotto. It is a typical Salento dessert made with shortcrust pastry and a soft pastry cream filling. A real delicacy for the palat

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