Primitivo has a very ancient history: the first written records of its production date back to the Middle Ages.

Structured and highly balanced wine, the Primitivo tells, already from the first taste, the centuries-old history of its production area, Puglia, a territory characterized by tufaceous limestone rock and clay that has become, over time, a place of important wine culture

The name, “primitive”, derives from the earliness of the ripening of the grapes: it is in fact one of the first vines to be harvested, towards the end of August.

Over time, Primitivo wine has greatly improved its quality, so much that it attracted the attention of experts and the public as one of the most interesting wines of Southern Italy and Salento. The wine has a dark red color, very intense and deep. The olfactory profile recalls aromas of black and red fruit, with the presence of spicy notes. On the palate it denotes great structure and robust body, It is warm, intense, with a complex bouquet and beautiful tannic texture. The end is very persistent.

Our Primitivo Hippios is perfect with our dishes for a dinner in a Masseria in Puglia, for example it goes well with meat cooked in different ways: grilled, roasted or stewed. It also goes very well with seasoned cured meats, as well as with meat-based first courses. Ideal pairing with the rich first courses typical of the Apulian territory, with tasty soups and aged cheeses.

And finally, we recommend it for an Apulian aperitif in our Suite room with Jacuzzi, perhaps to organize a romantic surprise for your soulmate!

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